Your Questions Are Just What God Wants

Do you believe that God is bigger than your questions? That he is not befuddled by your doubts? That his omnipotence is stable and unthreatened by your curiosity? That he is not rolling his eyes and throwing the Bible at you, wondering why you’re just not getting it?  Or do you consider your own question risky or dangerous? Are you more concerned about division and slippery slopes than intimacy with your creator? Are you assuming that questions and trust are mutually exclusive? Or have you considered that sometimes pure trust means big questions, knowing the answers are most certainly out there, and lie at the heart of the One who desires real, raw communion with each one of us?

On Roe: Listening & Lamenting

On Roe v Wade and all the noise right now: Sometimes it's right to speak out on issues we find important. But there's another important way, to weep with those who weep and to try to understand those who are different from us, to be gentle, slow to speak, slow to become angry, quick to admit when we’re wrong or when we’re not as sure of an answer as we might wish we were. 

The Change that Changes us

Letting an old self go and opening your heart to change is not a selfish act, it’s not even a courageous act or a valiant act or a self-righteous one, it might be even simpler than any of that – maybe it’s just opening up to the way things are supposed to be. If you’re exhausted by resisting change, by holding onto a version of your past self because you’re afraid of what you’ll lose, you can surrender to what you might become.

“God is sovereign” and…

"God is sovereign and..." doesn’t let us sleep well at night, because we recognize all the work we’re still called to do. It doesn’t comfort us that everything is going to be ok, because God clearly states that things may be very much not ok until the day where pain and death is defeated, once and for all.

Republished: What Climate Change and COVID-19 Have in Common

I wrote this opinion piece for Religion Unplugged with support from Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. We have heard a lot of sweeping statements claiming that we are in unprecedented and unique times. And, of course, in many ways that is true. Yet this is not the first time we have been called to drastically …

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Defenseless in the Time of COVID-19 {And Why I Think We’re All So Scared Right Now}

“What are your fears?”  Swirls of unknowns and anxieties and what-ifs lace all of my conversations right now, except the few essential ones my husband and I have a few times a day. “Are you taking out the trash or am I?” “What should we make for dinner tonight?” “We’re almost out of toilet paper.” …

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Easter is for the Doubters

Easter is for the ones who put all their hope in something even when they’re disappointed. Easter is for the ones who are angry, so angry, but show up to the tomb anyway. Easter is for the ones who cast their gaze away and ask, Really? Did he really? but keep listening. Easter is for me, Easter is for you, Easter is for all of us doubters.

On Being Young and Married

Being young and married taught me that every single one of my dreams is nothing compared to the plans that God has for me. I was audacious enough to think that my plans might be better than His. I wanted freedom and independence and adventure and I wanted it my way, without thinking that God could give me His own kind of freedom and independence and adventure in a different way.