Thanks for being here. I’m Abigail, and I mostly write about faith, doubt, and spiritual living.

I try my best to write from a place of curiosity, not authority. I’m not in the business of pretending to know how you should live your life. I hope to invite readers into my questions, my growth, and my weaknesses, because I believe there’s healing and power in paying attention and learning from each other. 

I am an MTS (Master of Theological Studies) student at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m interested in the Old Testament, literary readings of the Bible, and helping equip every Christian to read Scripture as it was intended to be read from the beginning. My background is in communications and marketing for nonprofits, so I have a special interest in storytelling and how the Bible proposes radical ideas of equity, justice, and hope, even for the most marginalized.

By way of Western Pennsylvania, Central Arkansas, Northern Virginia, and Southeast Washington, D.C., my husband, son, dog, and I finally settled in West Michigan. Writing is my first love, though I also love to read, hike, be outside (with special loves for mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking), and cook. My favorite way to spend the day is sourcing each and every perfect ingredient from farmers’ markets and small shops, and then spending hours chopping, pickling, kneading, stirring, taste-testing, and serving food to the people I love.

Thanks for reading my words, it means the world to me.